Yankees Win Game 5, Fend Off Elimination, Chiefs Reportedly Get Good Mahomes News, MLB Proposing Big Minor League Changes

Grace Higgins | October 19th, 2019

Staring elimination dead in the eyes, the New York Yankees were not prepared to let their World Series come to an end at home on Friday night. They wasted little time in getting their point across as well, taking advantage of Justin Verlander in the bottom of the first inning. Already trailing 1-0 thanks to a home run from George Springer in the top of the first, the Yankees responded with back-to-back jacks that ultimately completed the scoring for the entire night. DJ LeMahieu was first, with his homer knotting the game up at one run apiece. Then it was the turn of Aaron Hicks, who smashed the game wide open by hitting a three-run bomb that made it 4-1. After that, both pitchers locked in. Verlander ended up going seven innings in total. His opposite number, James Paxton, deserves some praise, too. After giving up that run in the top of the first, he composed himself and didn’t give up anything else in six innings of work. He then handed the ball off to the bullpen, who summarily dismissed the Houston Astros’ hitters to the tune of giving up one hit in three total innings. The series now swings back to Houston with the hosts looking for the fourth win that will put them in the World Series against the patiently waiting Washington Nationals.

New York Post

Pat Mahomes has been dealing with an injury nearly all season, but that got even worse on Thursday night when he went down with an apparent kneecap injury. The Kansas City Chiefs might have been worried that they had lost their star QB for good, but they did get some good news on him, reportedly, as the MRI on him revealed that he had no major damage on top of the dislocation. It was said that he would miss three games, so it looks like that timetable is back on offer. We shall see, as he may need more time. However, he should certainly be back before the end of the season, that much is clear if this report is correct.

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Minor League Baseball is set for a huge shakeup, that is if current talks and plans do indeed go through. According to reports, a number of things are set to be altered at the moment, with 40 of the 160 teams set to be scrapped entirely in a bid to improve the lives of players by making the facilities better, reducing travel time, and making the leagues much more geographically friendly to all. On top of that, it’s also stated that they are looking at making a league for only players that went undrafted, which will be necessary as they cut the draft from 40 rounds down to 25. It’s all interesting times, and it’ll be more than intriguing to see how this all shakes up.

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