Three Impacts Covid-19 Has On Sports

Grace Higgins | March 24th, 2020

Today, we are going to do something a little bit different here. Sports news still keeps on ticking over, but it is not being made nearly as quickly as when there are actual games being played. That means we need a bit of creativity here. So, let’s look at how three different sports are being impacted. Before beginning, I do note that there are many things that are changed as a result, not just what I mention here!

Let’s begin with the NFL. Despite the virus going around, the league decided that it would start its offseason calendar on time, just as planned. That meant that trades could be made and free agency would come into affect with the arrival of a new league year. However, there is one issue that you have to have along with any deal- a physical. This will effectively ‘hang up’ deals for the players in question, as they have to be confirmed to be fit and healthy before it is officially done. This will also put a damper on potential picks in the upcoming draft, as teams will not be able to evaluate how ‘fit’ they are ahead of possibly selecting them.

Pats Pulpit

In the world of the NBA, let’s talk about how the Olympics would be effecting it all. The Olympics are, let’s just finally face it, probably going to be canceled or postponed. We all know that, or sure, if we have some common sense, that is. If it does so, though, it would help the NBA. The reason why is very simple: the NBA would not have to make the choice of letting players leave to play in the Games or continuing its season. There would be no threat of the Games going on without NBA players, and there would be no possibility of the season being pushed back even further. This may not sound like a big deal, but you know the owners would love to conclude the present season before a new one is due to begin…

And finally, in the world of soccer, it looks like a lot of transfers are also going to be impacted. Clubs from all over the board are being hit hard by this, as receipts from ticket sales are just not coming in as they are used to seeing them. Some are said to be on the verge of bankruptcy, while other clubs, even the massive ones, are also taking hits. One such club, apparently, that is seeing a conundrum of sorts is Barcelona. According to sources, they want to bring back Brazilian star Neymar to their fold. But they also want to sign Lautaro Martinez from Inter Milan. Due to the financial impact, however, it appears that they may have to only sign one. And Martinez is more affordable, so that could mean that Neymar’s return is once again not ‘doable’ at present.

Barca Blaugranes
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