The Flying Car Has Existed Since 1954

Grace Higgins | March 26th, 2020

One may have thought flying cars were coming in the year 2020 and that they would be a thing of the future. However, a quick look in the history books shows that flying cars have been around as early as 1954. Sure, they may not look extremely stylish, but well they do work. The yellow famous 1954 Taylor Aerocar is one of the only hybrid flying machines that was ever produced.

And it is one of the highly sought out flying cars because it has actually passed all the safety tests and requirements that make it a legal vehicle. It is the only car that exists in the United States of America that has been entirely certified by the FAA to be flown. The car is an extraordinary feat of engineering and seats up to two people. The crazy part is that it has not really been used that much so it is in great condition, officially, it has under 1000 hours of flying on its records and under 20,000 miles driven.

When in the driving mode you can expect the car to be powered by its rear-mounted 150 horsepower engine, allowing a three-speed manual transmission. What happens is the wings fold backward, which are then towed along with the propeller and fuselage. The actually folding process to put the wings back or get them out for flying is apparently no harder than changing a tire on a traditional car.

Once set up to fly, the flying car uses its two-blade propeller to fly through the air for up to 300 miles. Documentation shows that it can reach speeds of 100 miles per hour when in flight mode, allowing drivers to make a swift getaway if needed.

It’s been over 20 years since the Aerocar N101D was last seen at an auction and sold. And though five models of the Aerocar were originally built, the other models are long lost. No other cars like this were ever made, it is the model that is most talked about built-in 1954, is the only flying car that was built to pass all aviation certifications.

Due to the rarity, along with being road and air legal, collectors would consider this an extremely rare part of history. Making it a highly sought after vehicle, who will be seen flying this car next? Time will tell.

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