Swiss Town Covered In Chocolate As Lindt Factory Malfunctions

Grace Higgins | August 20th, 2020

In what can only be described as a Chocoholics dream, a Lindt factory completely malfunctioned in the Swiss town of Olten rained chocolate powder across the whole town. The small town just between Zurich and Basel woke up to a strange phenomenon: chocolate was everywhere. Small chocolate ravings rained down upon the town for hours as a factory went into a complete meltdown.

The chocolate manufacturer Lindt and Sprungli was to blame, after a defect in several of its factories. What happened was a ventilation defect in their factories caused the chocolate powder to billow out into the air. Consequently, strong winds picked it up and blew it straight at Olden. Many of the locals were ecstatic telling news agencies that chocolate snowflakes were falling across the town.

Lindt and Sprungli later confirmed that it was a problem with the cooling ventilation for their roasted cocoa nibs. Which are the crushed cocoa beans that are then used to make their chocolate products. So essentially the factory shot out a massive amount of chocolate powder into the skies. Given the weather of strong winds in the area, all this powder whirled around and made its way towards the small swiss town.

Several people commented that maybe 2020 was finally changing, no longer a year of scary world news, it was now a year of hope where chocolate rained freely from the sky. Luckily, the factory confirmed that the chocolate was harmless to people or the environment. However, they have offered to pay for any required cleanup costs. Apparently, the ventilation system was quickly fixed and they are now once again producing their beloved candy bars.

This will definitely be a factory glitch that is long remembered. Especially as it was trending across Swiss and worldwide twitter for some time. The company has confirmed several cars were coated in the cocoa powder, but that it will pay for any cleanup costs. So far though it seems the chocoholic locals have no plans to claim this offer. Apparently, they just love chocolate so much – it didn’t really even bother them!

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