Steelers Avoid Embarrassing Dolphins Loss, Steph’s 26 Takes Warriors To First Win Over Pelicans, NCAA Now Considering Endorsement Rules For Players

Grace Higgins | October 29th, 2019

For the first quarter of Monday Night Football, it looked like the Pittsburgh Steelers might be in for a surprise loss to the Miami Dolphins, which would have been a huge thumbs down despite the fact that they have been without Big Ben and are not at their best this season by any stretch. Falling behind 14-0 thanks to a couple of mistakes and two TD passes from Ryan Fitzpatrick was not the way they had wanted to start. But they ended up rescuing themselves, scoring 10 points in the last three minutes of the first half to get the score down to 14-10. In the second half, it was all one way traffic, with the Steelers putting up 17 points in order to cruise to a 27-14 win that puts them second in the AFC North at 3-4, two off of Baltimore. James Conner, who went down with an injury, ran the ball 23 times for 145 yards and a touchdown, while Juju Smith-Schuster had five receptions for 103 yards total and a TD of his own. The Dolphins remain winless, at 0-7, and are still ‘tied’ with the Cincinnati Bengals in the race for the #1 pick in the draft.

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It’s early days, but there is no doubt that the NBA is already starting to take shape. At least in terms of story lines. The Golden State Warriors got their first win on Monday night, downing the New Orleans Pelicans 134-123 on the road. In doing so, they got off the mark, improving to 1-2, but they forced the Pelicans to a fourth consecutive loss to start the season, raising alarms for sure. Steph Curry was his effective in the win, scoring 26 points and recording 11 assists for a double-double. The new-look young Pelicans, without Zion Williamson, for a couple of months, did get a big game from Brandon Ingram, but it was not quite enough. He had 27 points and grabbed ten rebounds in the defeat.

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In a bid to potentially cut off the pay-for-play law of California, which might be much too late now, the NCAA is preparing to have a meeting on Tuesday to try to address such rules. In order to keep what they have going, it’s being said that many inside of the organization, due to meet in Atlanta, are willing to make significant changes. Said changes would include allowing players to make money from their names, images, and likenesses, while still retaining as much ‘amateurism’ as possible. It’s a bold, drastic move from the NCAA, but it does appear to be much too late. There may be no putting the cat back in the proverbial bag, and we may end up with the end of college sports as we know it eventually due to their lack of decisive, quick actions in the past.

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