Seahawks End 49ers Undefeated Season With OT Victory, Clippers Defeat Raptors While Kawhi Struggles, Alonso, Alvarez Win Rookie Of The Year Awards

Grace Higgins | November 12th, 2019

The NFL no longer has any undefeated teams after this week’s Monday Night Football match up between division rivals Seattle and San Francisco. The Seahawks improved to 8-2 on the season with a 27-24 overtime victory over the now 8-1 49ers thanks to kicker John Mayer’s heroics that won them the game from 42 yards out. He did so after the 49ers had a chance via Chase McLaughlin to do the same, which ramps it up to a whole other level. Both quarterbacks had their struggles and some success in the game, with neither Russell Wilson nor Jimmy Garoppolo able to get over the 250 yard mark. Each of them had a touchdown and one interception as well. Seattle’s way to the win was an unconventional one. Besides a three-yard throw from Wilson to Jacob Hollister and a one-yard run from Chris Carson, the rest of their scoring came from Mayer’s field goals or the defense. Jadeveon Clowney had a ten yard fumble return for a TD in the second quarter that got them back in the game to make it 10-7 after a slow start. From there, the tone had been set, and the NFC West is back up in the air for sure now.

USA Today

Kawhi Leonard has not enjoyed the easiest season so far since joining the Los Angeles Clippers. From gripes about how much time on the court he is missing to some wayward performances, typically early in games, the forward has not had it all his way. He had his worst showing as a Clipper thus far on Monday night against his former team, the Toronto Raptors, yet his new team still figured out a way to win anyway. Leonard only made two of his 11 shots on the night, but he got the job done in other ways. He had just 12 points, but his near triple-double that also included 11 rebounds and nine assists was good enough to help push his Clippers to a 98-88 win. The game’s highest scorer on the evening was Lou Williams, who put up 21. The Raptors were led by 16 from Pascal Siakam in a bit of an ugly result that is not nearly as common in the Association as it once was. Both teams are now 7-3.

LA Times

Awards season is beginning for the MLB, and on Monday the Rookie of the Year winners were announced. In the National League it was Pete Alonso taking home the top prize in a nearly unanimous decision. He picked up 29 out of 30 first place votes to best Mike Soroka of the Braves. Alonso hit 53 home runs, a rookie record, and also had 120 RBI’s to see him ease his way toward the award. On the American League side, Yordan Alvarez of the Houston Astros won out. Unlike Alonso, he was a unanimous selection despite having started the season in Triple-A initially. After being called up in June, he went on to hit 27 homers in just 87 games. All on a team that went to the World Series. Not too bad of a beginning to a career, is it?

New York Post
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