Prescott Rejects Contract, Brady News

Grace Higgins | March 10th, 2020

The Dallas Cowboys quarterback Dak Prescott has reportedly rejected a contract proposal from the organization, while Tom Brady is still mulling his free agency options.

Prescott, 26, was offered a contract worth $33 million per year and over $100 million guaranteed, placing him in the hierarchy of quarterback salaries. Prescott, who was previously searching for $40 million per season, declined the new proposal. The highest paid quarterback in the league is Super Bowl champion Russell Wilson, who makes $35 million per season.

In this past season, his fourth in the league, Prescott finished second in passing yards (4,902), fourth in passing touchdowns (30), 10th in passer rating (99.7) and fifth in QBR (71.20). Impressive numbers for a quarterback who has a stigma of being a check-down passer who can’t throw. Prescott hasn’t missed a game in his four seasons and was selected to the Pro Bowl twice. His overall record since entering the league is 40-24.

Brady, who turns 43 before the start of the season, is currently unsure of his future with the New England Patriots. He has won six Super Bowls, four of which he was named the MVP of, and three regular season league MVPs with the organization.

In his 20th season, Brady finished seventh in passing yards (4,057) and 13th in passing touchdowns (24). He’s not the high usage, MVP caliber quarterback that he once was, but Brady is still able to maintain relevancy as a top 10 player at his position.

There are a number of reported options, with the Tennessee Titans leading the conversations. With Mike Vrabel being the head coach, Brady would be walking into a comfortable system that features the powerful running of Derrick Henry and a strong defense, one that stifled Brady in the AFC Wild Card.

On the flipside, the Patriots still have an advantage because of his past there. This is a team that always has a few tricks up their sleeve and able to make a blockbuster trade at any moment.

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