NFL Week 17 Sunday Recap

Grace Higgins | December 30th, 2019

Packers 23, Lions 20

• The Packers ensured their fans a second-round home game, as the 323 passing yard performance by Rodgers gave the Packers the second seed in the NFC playoffs. The 3-12-1 Lions started the season looking as if they were on their way to being a surprise playoff team.

Jets 13, Bills 6

• The Bills played this game knowing their playoff destiny beforehand. The Jets are headed towards an offseason that could see the departure of running back Le’Veon Bell. The Bills will play the Texans in the Wild Card round of the AFC playoffs.

Dolphins 27, Patriots 24

• The Patriots were leading late in the game with a chance to clinch their 10th straight first-round bye. Instead, Fitzpatrick led a late game drive and scored with seconds on the clock. The Patriots will host the Titans in the first-round.

Bears 21, Vikings 19

• The Vikings, similar to the Bills, knew their playoff fate before the game started. The Bears were still barely able to win the game, hitting a go-ahead field goal in the final seconds.

Chargers 21, Chiefs

• During the game, the Chiefs home crowd was cheering, as the Dolphins were beating the Patriots. The Patriots loss ensured the Chiefs a first-round bye.

Browns 23, Bengals 33

• This game is the perfect end to the Browns season. The Bengals pick up their second win of the season, and the Browns fire their head coach afterwards.

Saints 42, Panthers 10

• A three-touchdown performance by Brees locked up the three-seed in a matchup against the Vikings in the first-round. If the Seahawks would’ve scored in the final seconds on Sunday Night Football, then the Saints would’ve been gifted a first-round bye.

Falcons 28, Buccaneers 22

• Winston became the first player to enter the “30-30” club, throwing for at least 30 touchdowns and 30 interceptions this season. This game was meaningless, as both teams finished 7-9 this season.

Colts 20, Jaguars 38

• Another meaningless Week 17 game. The Colts will look to regroup next season and back in playoff contention, as Brissett, Mack and Hilton all have time to get healthy. Minshew threw three touchdowns in his final game this season.

Eagles 34, Giants 17

• The Eagles needed to win this game to win the NFC East, and at one point, that was a tough task. Barkely amassed over 100 total yards on the day and Jones threw for over 300 yards, forcing the Eagles to take the four-win team seriously. The Eagles will play the Seahawks in the first-round.

Cardinals 24, Rams 31

• The nine-win Rams are leaving a disappointing 2019 season behind them. Last season ended with them losing the Super Bowl and hopeful for another shot at the big game. In the 2019 finale, Goff threw for 319 yards and three touchdowns.

Steelers 10, Ravens 28

• Playing without most of their starters, the Ravens eliminated the Steelers from playoff contention. Neither quarterback threw for over 100 yards, as the defenses were dialed in.

Titans 35, Texans 14

• A 211-yard, three touchdown performance by Henry put the Titans in the playoffs and in a first-round matchup against the Patriots.

Raiders 15, Broncos 16

• Both teams finished 7-9, as this game had no meaning on the end of the season. The Broncos might have their quarterback of the future with Lock, while the Raiders defied expectations and stayed in the playoff hunt until last week.

Redskins 16, Cowboys 47

• In what should be Garrett’s final game as the head coach for the Cowboys, the offense was sharp and consistent, something they’ve been missing all year. Once the Eagles won, the Cowboys were officially eliminated from the playoffs.

49ers 26, Seahawks 21

• This game came down to the last inch, as the winner of this game was crowned the NFC West champion. Wilson led a late game drive, but his final pass completion was stopped on the one-inch line. The 49ers get a first-round bye, as the Seahawks will host the Eagles.

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