Lakers Big Three Key Suns Win, Georgia Ahead Of Alabama In CFP Rankings, Evansville Upsets #1 Kentucky

Grace Higgins | November 13th, 2019

One team in the NBA that few gave a chance to be very good this season was the Phoenix Suns before a ball had been thrown into the air. That notion, however, has proven to be wrong so far, and the Los Angeles Lakers found out first hand on Tuesday night in their eventual 123-115 road win over them. It took big nights from each of the Lakers’ big three, with Anthony Davis posting 24 points and 12 rebounds, Kyle Kuzma putting up 23, and LeBron James adding 19 to go along with 11 assists. They needed most of those, too, as Ricky Rubio, who had 21 points and ten assists, was running the show for the young ‘run and gun’ Suns. They had trailed practically throughout the whole fourth quarter, but they fought back and led 113-111 with 3:29 to go. The Lakers, though, held their nerve and ended up taking the ‘W,’ increasing their record to 8-2 on the new season.

Silver Screen and Roll

Every Tuesday is a big one for the College Football Playoff, as millions of fans wait to see where their team is ranked after another week of action. This week’s rankings are, once again, very interesting and leave us with some intriguing story lines. Having defeated Alabama in Tuscaloosa, LSU are now #1. They are followed by previous top-spot holders Ohio State at #2. Clemson moves up from fifth to be #3, while it’s the Georgia Bulldogs at #4 as the highest-ranked one-loss team. Alabama is #5 for the moment, while unbeaten Minnesota has moved up nine spots to #8. Fellow unbeaten Baylor moved down from 12th to 13th, indicating their small chances of a spot in the ultimate final four.

Bleacher Report

Basketball is huge in the state of Indiana, but very few would have expected- or even thought it would be possible- for tiny (relatively speaking) Evansville to be able to keep it close against the #1 team in the nation, the Kentucky Wildcats, on Tuesday night. They did just that, and a little bit more, as they went on to upset the top team in the country 67-64 on their own floor. The Purple Aces, interestingly enough, were picked by their conference, the Missouri Valley, to finish eighth ahead of the season. Yet they have taken down one of the top programs anyone could defeat. Two men led the way. Their top scorer on the evening was KJ Riley, who put up 18 points. But most of the headlines are going to Sam Cunliffe. He had 17, but it was a pair of free throws made with just six seconds left that sealed the game for them. A late attempt by Tyrese Maxey on a three-pointer missed, handing Evansville one of the biggest regular season wins in college basketball history. Immanuel Quickley led the Wildcats with 16 points in a dubious loss that made them the first team to ever lose to an unranked non-conference foe at home. That hurts.

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