Georgia Beats Florida In De Facto Elimination Game, Memphis Beats SMU In Track Meet, Ends Undefeated Season, Drummond Stays Hot, Pistons Defeat Nets

Grace Higgins | November 3rd, 2019

The Georgia Bulldogs and Florida Gators went into Saturday afternoon’s match up with one loss apiece, knowing that they were about to face off in a ‘playoff’ game that would see one of the two eliminated from all contention for the College Football Playoff. In the end, it was the Bulldogs who came away from Jacksonville with the victory, claiming it in a 24-17 win. The #8 team in the nation will leapfrog the soon-to-be-former #6 after quarterback Jake Fromm led them with 279 yards and two touchdowns on 20-30 through the air. It was not easy for the Bulldogs, however, as they had led by as much as 16-3 in the third quarter only to see the Gators roar back and make a game of it late. UGA wide receiver Lawrence Cager had a big day as well, making seven grabs for 132 yards and a TD of his own. While this does not confirm Georgia’s place in the CFB, by any means, it does see them to the top of the SEC East pile.

The Tennessean

SMU’s hopes of going undefeated, and possibly sneaking into the College Football Playoff in stunning fashion, are gone after they lost a thrilling affair to the Memphis Tigers on Saturday by the score of 54-48. The Mustangs’ QB, Shane Buechele, had over 450 yards passing and three touchdowns, but it was not enough to hold off Brady White and co. White had three TD’s as well and 350 yards across the air. However, it was running back Antonio Gibson that was the true hero of the day. He set a Memphis record for the most total yards in school history, scampering for a combined 386 yards. He had three touchdowns, including a 97-yard kickoff return in the third quarter and a 78-yard run in the fourth that had put Memphis ahead 54-32. Despite the valiant comeback from the Mustangs, it just wasn’t enough. The #15 team had been beaten, and so, too, their hopes of a dream scenario that saw them in the final four.

CBS Sports

All of the talk so far in the new NBA season has centered around superstars either starting to gel together or getting set to spend some time on the bench watching on due to injuries. With that going on, little attention has been given to the Detroit Pistons’ hottest man of the moment, Andre Drummond. For the third game in a row, he posted 20 points and 20 boards, grabbing 25 points and 20 rebounds in their win on Saturday over the Brooklyn Nets. The 113-109 win takes the team to 3-4 on the season, and it also saw Nets point guard Kyrie Irving record his first triple-double (20-11-10) of the new campaign. Only six of his points came in the last three quarters, leading to the Pistons holding them off.

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