Fight Mars Browns’ Victory Over Steelers, George Makes Clippers Bow In Loss, Puts Up 33, Trout, Bellinger Take Home MVP Awards

Grace Higgins | November 15th, 2019

It was a big game on Thursday Night Football for both the Cleveland Browns and Pittsburgh Steelers. The Steelers had gotten themselves back into contention at 5-4, while division rivals Cleveland were at 3-6 and looking to climb their way back into it. In the end, it was the Browns that won, getting a step closer to it via 21-7 win, but that’s hardly what anyone will be talking about as a horrific fight broke loose. It’s a wonder this type of thing doesn’t and hasn’t happened more with so much violence going on anyway, but the incident occurred after a late-ish hit on Steelers QB Mason Rudolph. The Browns’ Myles Garrett ended up clubbing said QB with his very own helmet, which then saw a couple of Steelers players pounce on Garrett, with one kicking him in the head after he’d been taken down. Garrett was ejected for his role, with two Steelers joining him. An historic suspension likely awaits him now. As for the game itself, Baker Mayfield starred. The Browns QB had a rushing TD and two passing TD’s and racked up 193 yards on 17-32 passing. Not a classic performance, but good enough to win on a strange, strange night.

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Paul George has officially had his debut as a Los Angeles Clipper. Individually, that meant he did quite well, as he put up 33 points. Unfortunately for him, though, it was not enough to help his team win on Thursday night, as they fell in New Orleans 132-127. The Pelicans withstood the charge of George, who had surgery on both of his shoulders during the summer, and began to pull away in the fourth quarter. George had scored 12 in the third alone to give the Clippers a lead. 33 points is impressive already, but doing so in just 24 minutes and with some natural rust to work off is all the more impressive. The Pelicans were led by Jrue Holiday on the evening, with 36 points and a crucial late steal of George ultimately giving his team the edge. The Clippers are now 0-3 on the season when Kawhi Leonard rests, so that’s no doubt going to be a talking point moving forward.

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The awards season continued on Thursday for Major League Baseball with the announcement of who took home the MVP awards. In the American League, it was Mike Trout who grabbed his third MVP award. The LA Angels slugger, who missed nearly the last month of the season, had a career high in homers (45) and had a higher wins above replacement (8.6) than runner-up Alex Bregman of the Astros. In the National League, Cody Bellinger landed the prize to claim his first MVP award. He took 19 of the 30 votes, eclipsing close friend Christian Yelich. The Dodgers star ended the season by hitting .305 with 47 home runs while capturing a Gold Glove award. That was enough to put him over the top and hand his what could be the first of many MVP awards.

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