Disney World Florida Has An Advanced Mosquito Elimination Program

Grace Higgins | March 23rd, 2020

Ever wondered while being in the middle of the swaps of humid Florida, you will find nearly no mosquitos to be in Disney World? Well, that would be because Disney operates a near military program to ensure mosquitoes are quickly dealt with and eliminated nearly immediately. This means that in The Most Magical Place on Earth, you will find no mosquitos. It does make a lot of sense, how can a place be deemed magical if you are being bitten by a mosquito every five minutes.


Disney World is so dedicated to making sure you have an amazing time that they do everything they can to make the bugs disappear. In Florida home of the swamp territory and alligators, insects are pretty much everywhere – there is no short supply of insects. Sure bugs can be annoying, the problem is when they are carrying diseases. This is why Disney believes it is their responsibility to rid their theme park of mosquitos. They get rid of the pests by operating a program that covers every angle from top to bottom: spraying insecticides and maintaining natural predators. The part that is scary though is just how seriously they maintain this program.

The park has a whole team dedicated to what they call their Mosquito Surveillance Program. They have traps everywhere and when they do catch bugs, they are frozen to be studied in a lab. The lab can tell how big their population must be and that way Disney is always two steps ahead when it comes to dealing with a mosquito infestation. Of course, they also have an ace up their sleeve: chickens. Chickens are one of the best natural-born predators for mosquitos, so Disney has coops of chickens all-around their park. But not only that, they monitor the chicken’s blood, because chickens don’t get sick from diseases carried by mosquitoes but it does show up in their blood.

As soon as a disease or virus comes up in the chicken’s blood, then the team knows exactly what area of the park needs to be eradicated. At this point, they will send out a team to spray insecticides, and you may not even notice they are there. Generally, even their pest control teams will be dressed up as Disney characters. So next time you see the Seven Dwarfs running around Disney World Florida, look carefully, you may notice they are spraying something around the park.

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