Cowboys Hire Mike McCarthy

Grace Higgins | January 7th, 2020

After yet another 8-8 season under Jason Garrett and missing the playoffs for the seventh time in the past decade, the Dallas Cowboys decided to move forward without Garrett in the future plans. Within days, the Cowboys hired McCarthy after two meetings with the former Green Bay Packers head coach.

The Cowboys have been a model of mediocrity under Garrett, as the head coach finished with a 59-48 record, including playoffs. What’s alarming about that 59-48 record, are the two seasons the Cowboys went 13-3. So, under Garrett, the Cowboys were regularly a below average team. That’s why it was time for the organization to move on. This Cowboys roster as currently constructed, is talented enough to win the NFC East every year and compete for playoff wins.

Enter McCarthy, who spent 13 seasons with the Packers, won a Super Bowl and boasted a 125-77-2 record.

McCarthy specializes in one possession games, which the Cowboys have been notoriously bad at. This season, the Cowboys were 1-6 in one possession games, the second worst in the league behind the Cincinnati Bengals. Since 2006, McCarthy has won 58 one possession games, the fourth best in that span.

McCarthy is also known for his work with quarterbacks, molding Aaron Rodgers into what he is today. The former Packers head coach can work with Dak Prescott and further his progression even more than what it has been.

With offensive weapons like Prescott, Ezekiel Elliott and Amari Cooper, the Cowboys true potential can be recognized and utilized properly. This is a team that can surprise other teams in the postseason and be a force to be reckoned with.

McCarthy spent the past season preparing for his next head coaching job and studying trends in football. After news of the hiring, the New York Giants requested permission to interview Garrett.

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