Chiefs Fall From Ranks Of The Unbeatens, Packers Smash Cowboys While Texans’ Offense Explodes For 53 Points, Braves Complete Ninth Inning Comeback, Patient Dodgers Defeat Nationals

Grace Higgins | October 7th, 2019

After Week 5, through Sunday at least, there are now just two teams unbeaten in the NFL: the New England Patriots (5-0 after throttling the atrocious Washington Redskins) and the San Francisco 49ers (3-0 and awaiting Monday Night Football). That’s because the Kansas City Chiefs dropped one, a bad one for their standards, as they lost 19-13 at home to the Indianapolis Colts. It’s not so much who they lost to, but rather how they lost. They, in truth, hadn’t been playing well in recent weeks, and that carried over as they saw quarterback Pat Mahomes struggle. That’s a rare sight, but one that rang true as the second-year QB went 22-39 for just a single TD. But let’s not overlook the Colts’ defense. They shut down the Chiefs and got retribution for their playoff loss back in January. You can’t and shouldn’t take that away from them! Another nice story is that 12 of the 19 Colts points came from Adam Vinatieri, who was supposedly retiring a few weeks ago. Nice touch there.

USA Today

Most people assumed the Green Bay Packers’ trip to Dallas to take on the Cowboys would be a much closer game than the one that ended up taking place on Sunday afternoon. But the Packers pretty much controlled it from the very get-go, relying on a strong running game from Aaron Jones. Before the first quarter was up, the running back- who ended the day with four touchdowns and 107 yards rushing- had two TD’s and the Packers were up 14-0 after the first period and then 17-0 at half time. The Cowboys never had a realistic chance of coming, though they did pull the score back to 34-24 in the end. Across the state, the other Texas team was having more success as the Houston Texans throttled the poor Atlanta Falcons 53-32. The score looks worse than it really was, but the visitors were woeful, to be fair. DeShaun Watson had a gargantuan day, completing 28-33 of his passes and racking up five TD’s. The win moves them to 3-2, back in the mix, while the Falcons fell to 1-4.


The Atlanta Braves couldn’t get anything going against Adam Wainwright on Sunday evening. The veteran pitcher went 7 2/3 innings for the St. Louis Cardinals, allowing just four hits and six total runners, as he grinded the Braves into seeming submission. He had guarded a 1-0 lead the whole game, produced by Marcell Ozuna and Chris Carpenter, but in the end it did not hold up thanks to close Carlos Martinez blowing the save. Dansby Swanson doubled in the tying run and Adam Duvall, having quite the postseason, hit a single to drive in two more as the Braves held on to win 3-1 and move 2-1 up in the series.

Durango Herald

The Los Angeles Dodgers looked like they were headed toward a second consecutive loss in the NLDS against the Washington Nationals on Sunday night. Anibal Sanchez was dealing for the Nats and the Dodgers’ vaunted offense had only managed to scrap one run across the plate in five innings. However, the ball got passed to Patrick Corbin, and the Dodgers- ever so patient- took full advantage. They exploded for seven runs in the sixth inning off the hurler, putting them into an 8-2 lead. Despite a scare in the next half-inning, the Nats only plated two runners, and the Dodgers ended up increasing their lead back to six as they won 10-4 to take control of the series again. Justin Turner had the home run that busted the game open, while Russell Martin had a big double in the rally and a home run in the ninth for the Dodgers.

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