Yankees Continue To Pulverize Orioles, AB Denied Helmet Request, Lowry To Miss World Cup

Grace Higgins | August 13th, 2019

The New York Yankees have rampaged this season, even with a plethora of injuries to account for throughout the campaign. As capably as they have gone about things, the Baltimore Orioles have gone about them as poorly. That, unsurprisingly, continued on Monday as the Yankees swept a doubleheader as you would expect them to do so. In the afternoon affair, the Yankees hit four home runs in an 8-5 victory. Didi Gregorious, Gleyber Torres, Gio Urshela, and Cameron Maybin all went yard as they once again beat the helpless Orioles. In the nightcap, they again plated plenty of runs, taking their 15th consecutive win over their AL East foes by a score of 11-8. Torres excelled yet again, hammering two more home runs, one in the fifth and one in the sixth, to help them gain another win. That accounted for 6 RBIs, paving their way to the eventual ‘W.’ On top of that, it was his 13th of the season against the beleaguered O’s. He trails Lou Gehrig by one now, and you have to like his chances to surpass the record. Half of his 26 homers have came against the same opponents. They are now even further ahead of Tampa Bay and look all but assured of winning the division barring a major collapse.


Antonio Brown might not be the only NFL player to hate the new helmet rules enacted by the league, but he was willing to air a grievance over the issue. Brown, the Oakland Raiders’ new wide receiver that has still yet to get up to full speed at practice due to foot issues related to frostbite, was seeking the chance to keep on wearing his ten-year old helmet, as he claims it helps him see better than the new ones the league is set to mandate. Tom Brady, like Brown, has also spoken out, but that wasn’t enough to see them overturn the new rule and to side with Brown. It looks like he will now return to the team and get back to work. It’s unlikely he will appeal the decision, sources are claiming.


Team USA will be down yet another player at the FIBA Basketball World Cup next month, as it was announced on Monday that guard Kyle Lowry, now an NBA champion, will miss out due to needing a longer recovery time for his thumb after having surgery earlier this summer. The unfortunate news now means that there are 15 players left to vie for 12 spots on the final squad when the tournament begins. Prior to Lowry’s withdrawal, a lot of others had either pulled out or decided they did not wish to play for the team, leaving the personnel in charge with a lot of thinking to do.

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