Woman Searches 57 Days For Missing Dog

Grace Higgins | October 10th, 2019

A couple named Carol and Verne King were staying in a dog friendly hotel in Kalispell, Montana. When they returned to the hotel after a stock car race, they made a heartbreaking discovery: their beloved dog Katie was missing. The seven month old Border collie had managed to unlock the door and escape, perhaps because of a loud storm that had rolled through the area. They headed to the front desk where the employees there told them they had seen an anxious dog run out of the door hours earlier. They were heartbroken that their beloved dog was gone and they would do whatever it took to get her back.

The small city where they were stayed had a population of 23,000 and was surrounded by Glacier National Park, a dense collection of fields and forests. Katie could be anywhere, but they were not discouraged. The first night, they spent hours searching nearby neighborhoods and putting up flyers with pictures of Katie. They did not find her but knew where to look and where to go, as they are both former law enforcement officers. As time wore on, after 15 days, they took extreme measures by purchasing game cameras and setting up food and traps to catch her and even setting out personal items for her.

They even purchased night vision goggles when they heard someone had spotted her in a nearby field. The days and weeks wore on, and Carol even quit her job as a postal carrier so she could dedicate herself full time to Katie’s rescue. On the 57th day since her escape, the couple got word someone had spotted Katie in their backyard. Once they got there, she was gone—but they pressed on. Then, they saw a dog under a tree and they realized it was her. After they called for her, Katie came running into her mom’s arms. She was dirty, tired, and had lost 15 pounds, but he was finally safe.

New York Times//Facebook
New York Times//Facebook
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