Woman Films Night With Dog

Grace Higgins | September 7th, 2019

A woman named Kristin Wolf and her dog Fenway have lived together for five years now. Throughout that time, the pair always sleeps in the same bed together. Fenway, a Labrador and pit bull mix, absolutely loves to snuggle with his mom and Kristin loves to sleep with her pup as well. But lately she began to wonder if sleeping in the same bed as her beloved pup was not such a great idea for her sleep. She would always find herself waking up laying sideways or even pushed all the way to the foot of the bed. Kristin did not want to blame her lack of sleep on her beloved Fenway interrupting her sleep without first ensuring she had all the facts. So, she decided to investigate the truth.

Kristin invested in a security camera and set it up in her bedroom, facing the bed. Sweet Fenway did not know he was being filmed of course, so she was confident the time-lapse video would capture everything throughout the night. The next morning she reviewed the footage and was surprised to find that Fenway was actually quite calm throughout the night. Kristin was the one who was disturbing his sleep, as she was quite restless. He was staying close by her side to snuggle, and she was tossing and turning and moving around. She posted the video to Facebook and wrote, “I’m so grateful my dog lets me sleep in the corner of his bed. This was actually a good night and he let me sleep in!”

Fenway is a very special dog, who suffers from blastomycosis. It’s a life threatening fungal disease and after years of fighting the disease, he is now in remission from it. Kristin says he was even more snuggly when he was sick, but now that he’s better he still wants to be close to his mom at all times.

Kristin Wolf//Facebook
Kristin Wolf//Facebook

So grateful my dog let’s me sleep in the corner of his bed❤️Has anyone else ever done a time lapse like this?! This was actually a good night and he let me sleep in 😂

Posted by Kristin Wolf on Sunday, August 4, 2019

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