Westbrook Ties Jordan, Sixers Make Move for Harris, Major MLB Rules Changes Proposed

 | Grace Higgins

It’s not everyday when you get to tie Michael Jordan for anything. But that’s what happened on Tuesday night for Russell Westbrook. Oh, and he also tied himself on the night, too. With his 16 points, 16 assists, and 15 boards, Westbrook recorded a triple-double for the seventh time in a row to tie arguably the best player the game has ever seen and himself in the record book in the Thunder’s 132-122 win over the Orlando Magic in Oklahoma City. Westbrook has flown under the radar a lot this season compared to prior seasons because he has not been scoring nearly as many points due to the explosion of Paul George. This has freed Westbrook up, however, to be more important in other aspects, and it’s not slowed down his triple-double production a bit. That much is for sure. Westbrook (twice) and Jordan are two back of Wilt Chamberlain (nine) for the most in a row. If Westbrook can accomplish the feat again against the Memphis Grizzlies on Thursday night, he will be solo second in the NBA. The aforementioned George led all scorers with 39 in the win over the Magic as the Thunder went to 34-19.


There will be even more belief in Philadelphia that the 76ers have what it takes to make a run to the NBA Finals this year after making the move to bring in Tobias Harris from the Los Angeles Clippers. According to sources, Philly hasn’t been forced to part with any of their four key players, either, making this an even better trade than it looked to begin with. Harris completes a complement of stars in the Sixers starting lineup, giving them perhaps the best 1-5 look in the NBA this side of Golden State. Harris can shoot the three pointer very well, and many feel as if he can be a big player for them for many years to come along with the likes of Joel Embiid. Will it be enough to get them on track for a Finals appearance this season, though?

And finally, Major League Baseball could have some major, earth shattering changes coming soon if rumors are to be believed. Sources around the league indicate that the MLB and the Players Association are discussing alterations as part of the new CBA. The most controversial idea on the list that has been discussed, allegedly, is the required three-batter minimum for pitchers. This would stop relievers from coming into the game to face one or two batters and then leaving, thus slowing down the game considerably. Other ideas that are on there are a 20 second pitch clock, also intended to pick up the pace of the game, and the use of the DH in both American and National Leagues. As much as we might or might not like it, that last one is only a matter of time away. It will happen sooner or later, so we might as well get ready for it. As for the others, this could be just the thing baseball needs. It’s one thing to change, but the change could be just what people want to see. A willingness to evolve just a little with the times could be the recipe for new fans to become enticed with the national past time.