Wendy Williams Says She Will Not Take Husband Back As New Allegations Surface

 | Grace Higgins

Talk show host Wendy Williams said she thinks her husband was having an affair for at least 15 years. A source close to Williams, told ‘People’ that ‘Wendy, didn’t know about Kevin Hunter’s affair but was told that he was involved with her for 15 years. That is when she realized it was time to move on.’ Wendy told the source ‘she will under no circumstances take him back.’ He has been ‘kicked out of the family home,’ and despite Hunter’s public apology, Williams isn’t having any of it, she’s ready to move on.’


There are reports that Hunter has been fired as an executive producer of ‘The Wendy Williams Show’. A male singer Aveon Falstar is now claiming that he and Hunter had a sexual relationship that lasted all through 2018. He claims that Hunter repeatedly forced himself on him, and said if he didn’t comply he wouldn’t sign him to his record label. Falstar says he started out as a ‘warm up singer’ at the William’s talk show. When Hunter saw him, he offered him a record contract. Hunter’s mistress Sharina Hudson had the couple’s child in March in Philadelphia.

Falstar claims that Hunter very aggressively pursued him, and then repeatedly ‘used him as Hunter’s sex toy.’ The singer says that he has seen Hunter was Hudson several times, and that Hudson really dosen’t love Hunter, but is just using him for ‘money.’ Williams and Hunter have been married for 22 years, and have one son Kevin Jr. Sources’ are saying that it was very hard to kick Hunter to the curb, but she finally realized in order to really heal and recover, she had to get rid of Hunter. Williams’ husband gave a statement, saying he’s made a lot of mistakes, and he is working on things.