We Have Not Been Looking Hard Enough For Aliens

 | Grace Higgins

So where are the aliens? That is the question that everyone has been asking for years and years. We have searched across million miles of skies and yet, nothing has been found. New studies have decided that researchers have not really been looking hard enough. If you compared the vast galaxy to the ocean on Earth, then we have only really looked at about a bathtub size of the volume.


When you watch a sci-fi movie many depict aliens zipping around in ultra intelligent spacecraft with millions of cool gadgets, and these spacecraft normally produce obvious signs that they are around. But when it comes to reality the Search For Extraterrestrial Intelligence (SETI) has not even seen a trace of anything. This lack of finding any evidence or trace of other species first prompted a sci-fi author David Brin to write the classic “the Great Silence” which depicted the lack of contact.

In fact, it is often laughed at, that we have been looking for 40 years and not found anything, some even suggest that statistically, this means extraterrestrial lifeform does not exist. However, this new study shows that really when it comes down to it the galaxy is so vast that we have not really looked at much at all. One of the main reasons is because we have only used radio telescopes to search, they are seen as the ideal tool as radio waves travel far through space.

But who knows what other species use to transmit data, they may not use radio waves at all. Which means our radio telescopes will never locate them or even see a trace of their transmissions. SETI has proposed that we should start to use optical and radio wavelengths in our searches, this will widen our portion of potential search space. Essentially there are many phenomena out there that are yet to be discovered, so it is not time to give up hope on finding aliens just yet.