Wade Puts On One Final Show, Magic Steps Down, deGrom Comes Unglued

 | Grace Higgins

It was an emotional night in Miami on Tuesday night as the end of era came. Dwyane Wade, once a fresh-faced rookie from Marquette, took the floor for his final game as an NBA player for the Heat. Having seen their hopes of securing a playoff berth fall just short thanks to Detroit beating Memphis elsewhere, there was little to do but honor the legend, a three-time NBA champion. Wade, who spent more than 14 seasons as a part of the team throughout his 16 year professional career, went out with a bang by dropping 30 points in his finale against the Philadelphia 76ers in a 122-99 win over the playoff-bound team. Wade’s career not only includes a legacy of big shots and championships, but also includes a willingness to bring in big stars to surround him and to make a positive impact in the community. He will be missed on the court, but I’m sure he’ll be around. Exit stage left, D-Wade. Job well done.

USA Today

Elsewhere, another era came to an end as Magic Johnson stepped down as President of the Los Angeles Lakers. The legendary former point guard decided to make the move, citing that he wanted to have “fun again.” And who could blame him. It’s been a tumultuous time for the Lakers in the past year. And this only further underlines the struggles they are having to overturn a very poor period in their franchise’s history. Does this hint at the Lakers not being able to land any of the big name free agents that will be available in the summer? It certainly seems that way, doesn’t it? Almost like he’s jumping ship before it comes crumbling down.


The streak is finally over. Jacob deGrom, for the first time in seemingly forever, failed to record a quality start on Tuesday night for the New York Mets in their loss to the Minnesota Twins. He remained tied at 26 quality starts running along with Bob Gibson. He also had 31 games in a row without giving up more than three runs, simply stunning. While the streak might not be over, not many will have worries about him. He’ll continue to dominate, just as he’s been doing. And perhaps a new streak will begin.