Triplets Who Fooled Russian Prison System

 | Grace Higgins

When one brother from a set of triplets ended up behind bars in Russia, one of his twin brothers was able to help him fool the Russian prison system. It was the classic case of a switch, where one of the brothers Roman took the position of Ruslan to give him a small sense of freedom. Something that should have happened in a comedy film, and not in real life.

But once they had swapped places Ruslan decided he would not go back, instead, he decided to simply run off with Roman’s girlfriend and enjoy his new found freedom. In fact, it took the authorities years to finally realize they had been completely duped. By the time they actually realized what had happened the police had already caught up with Ruslan for an entirely different problem.

It only took a quick swap of clothes in 1992 for Roman to take Ruslan’s place, being identical twins the prison guards and personnel were none the wiser. But it was actually Roman who was duped as well, as the agreement had been for just to swap for some time and then swap back. Unfortunately, he ended up serving Ruslan’s entire prison sentence.

Fingerprints finally solved the mystery, when Roman was released he headed back to his home region of Chuvashia but ended up brushing up with the police again. Here they took his fingerprints and realized that Roman was not actually Ruslan. But despite being the brother with the clean record he did actually end up behind bars again himself.

And Ruslan despite finally having a clean record, was not able to stay away from the law for long. It did not take very long at all for him to get in trouble again and end up being locked up again. It begs the question if the third brother was also getting in trouble!