Tommie Lee Of ‘Love & Hip Hop:Atlanta’ Indicted On Felony Child Abuse Charges

 | Grace Higgins

Reality star Tommie Lee of ‘Love & Hip Hop:Atlanta has been indicted on several felony counts of child abuse. The urban model’s real name is, Atasha Chizzaah Jefferson Moore has two daughters, Havali and Samari, who were from her former relationships. Her youngest child was born while she was behind bars, Lee has a long criminal record. Her current legal issue stems from an arrest in October of 2018. Lee was arrested and accused of felony aggravated assault and child cruelty. She posted a 27,000 dollar bond and was released on bail.

Lee was arrested at her daughter’s school, after witnesses reported seeing Lee ‘violently shoving her daughter into a metal locker, and hitting and punching her daughter, and pulling her hair.” Terms of her bail, were that she wasn’t allowed to have contact with either child. They were removed from her home and placed with an unknown relative. Only a few hours after her October arrest, Lee was arrested again for making contact with one child, and threatening her. She was arrested on felony stalking, and violation of a protective order. She was being held at the Cobb County jail without bail, and late Monday the D.A. In Cobb County announced that the charges against Lee are solid and the case is moving forward.

Lee joined the cast of the VH1 show during it’s 6th season in 2016. Lee at the time said she had over 30 arrests before joining the cast of the extremely popular reality show. She explained during an interview that several of her arrests were due to her violating terms of her parole. She said, “half the time I’ve been on probation with ever going to prison, so you could say I’m a bad***. I wouldn’t show up for hearings or do community service so it’s a whole new mug show.” If she is convicted of all charges she’s facing at least 50 years in prison.