The Statue Of Liberty Was Crowdfunded

Kevin Williams | August 14th, 2019

If it was not for the concept of crowdfunding, America, may never have seen the statue of liberty towering in front of New York City. Joseph Pulitzer was able to effectively crowdfund what was needed to ensure the statue of liberty was put together and constructed in New York.

Without Josef Pulitzer’s New York World Newspaper, Lady Liberty may have ended up being a symbol of a different city such as Baltimore, Boston, Philadelphia or San Francisco. Luckily Pulitzer had quite an acute sense of marketing and knew that the statue of liberty would be a huge plus for New York City.

Originally the statue was the outcome of a French law professor and politician, Rene Laboulave. He gave it to America as a 100th birthday present, he believed that there should be a monument to American Independence and the abolishment of slavery – and thought that the monument should be a joint project between France and the United States.

A sculptor by the name of Bartholdi had a great vision of the lady liberty statue welcoming everyone into New York Harbor and once he sketched the idea, so the venture began. Though in truth Bartholdi was just driven to create a famous statue anywhere, his original drawings were even designed for the Suez Canal for example.

But funding was a problem, on both sides of the Atlantic funding was falling short. And funds did come in from all over France and America, but they still fell short. Bartholdi even starting selling personalized miniature statues to raise funds and finally in 1880 they had raised enough money to complete the statue. It was displayed in Paris in 1884, as the Americans were still lagging behind massively to fund the building of the pedestal.

Bartholdi started to promote rumors that Philadelphia may be raising the money required, and New Yorkers worried that they would lose the Statue of Liberty to another city jumped into action. It was determined they needed to raise $250,000 and even though many initiatives were taking it seemed impossible until Joseph Pulitzer saved the day.

He promised to print the name of any donor no matter what donation amount on the front of his newspaper, this was an immediate success and funds came flooding in raising the necessary funds to complete the statue.

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