The Place The Furthest From Anyone Is Called Point Nemo

 | Grace Higgins

So far from any landmass that the closest human to you, if you were ever to go stand on Point Nemo, would actually be located on the international space station. Sounds incredible no? This is just the truth of how distant everything is from Point Nemo. So if you are looking to get away from all the stress of everyday life then maybe Point Nemo would be the place for you.

Officially called the Oceanic Pole Of Inaccessibility, it is only reached by those with a sturdy pair of sea legs on them, those of the weak hearted will not make the voyage. Since the official title is not really that fun and a little bit of a mouthful, most people result in calling the place Point Nemo. Of course, this is after Jules Verne’s famous novel about Captain Nemo the anti-hero of the adventurers. Nemo also means “no-one” in Latin which just seems fitting due to its location and that barely ever anyone is there.

Point Nemo is located over 1,000 miles away from of three equally far-flung islands: Ducie Island, Motu Nui, and Maher Island. This means it is so far away from any landmass that the point is closer to the international space station. Quite a strange fact, which has had experts debate for several years, is Point Nemo possibly the center of the ocean?

And like any mysterious place, rumors and legends have always floated around popular culture. Many boats have ended up shipwrecked when venturing into this area around or close to Point Nemo. Which has given rise to sailors tales of huge sea creatures living in these oceans? Like any area that is not habitable by humans, it leaves space for creatures of the deep to live peacefully. So maybe these stories do hold some truth after all.