The Pickpocket That Took Everything From A President’s Security Detail

Grace Higgins | November 25th, 2019

A legend in the magic world, Apollo Robbins is widely considered the best theatrical pickpocket in the world. That is he excels at taking things from people and returning them in amusing ways. At a Las Vegas convention for magicians, he once performed a pickpocketing feat that left everyone dumbfounded. So much is his skill that Robbins is thought to have the supernatural ability when it comes to pickpocketing.

During the Las Vegas convention, for example, he pickpocketed an ink cartridge from a pen and put it back in the magician’s pocket. Though the thing that he would be most famous for is undoubtedly when he comes head to head with an American President’s security detail. President Carter was having dinner at a restaurant and Robbins decided to speak with his security team. During the space of 10 minutes, he had removed nearly every item from them, apart from their guns.

He then pulled out President Carter’s top-secret itinerary detail and started to show it to the agent, who furiously told him it was off-limits. And when the agent reached for his badge to arrest Robbins, that was when Robbins produced it and handed it back to him. He then turned to the head agent of the details, handing over his watch, his badge, and keys to the Carter motorcade.

In magic circles, he is widely seen as a legend, though he is largely unknown and remains a secret. Recently psychiatrists, neuroscientists, and even the military have started to take note of his ability to keep a human’s attention. Robbins has been studying magic for years, since he was 15 years old, after seeing a magician at the local county fair.

This is how he has improved his ability and became such an amazing pickpocket. Or as he likes to say, a theatrical pickpocket, after all, he is required by law to return everything he takes. That is a condition of his parole, he likes to joke. The intersection of magic and neuroscience is definitely becoming very interesting, with a huge following in the scientific community. Robbins is now a regular on the lecture circuit.

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