The Mysterious Indian Boulder That Continues To Defy Gravity

Kevin Williams | March 20th, 2019

Hundreds, even thousands, of tourists flock to see this 250-tonne boulder in India every year. This rock has stood for centuries and appears to be able to defy gravity, not moving at all even though it looks like it may roll at any moment. Brave tourists stand right under it, posing for an epic Instagram photo when really they are in immediate danger if the boulder were ever to move. Some say these tourists are even daredevils.

The Krishna’s butter ball as it is known in India and to locals in the region sits on a 45-degree slope in South India. Yet even on this hill and being so heavy, the boulder does not move an inch. And of course every theory has been put forth to why that is, the local legend has it that the boulder was placed here by the gods.

Of course, numerous conspiracy theories simply state it was placed on the hill by aliens. Whereas you can find debates between famous geologists that argue the 250-tonne boulder simply grew there and is a natural rock formation. All in all, only people with nerves of steel will dare to sit under the boulder for lunch. Stone of the Sky God, as referred to by the locals, has been sitting over the villages on the slope of Mahabalipuram for over 1,300 years.

All attempts of trying to move the rock have ended unsuccessfully, even though it appears it could move at any moment and roll down the hill. A 20-foot high rock that is just defying gravity and every law of psychics. Hindu folklore offers a different tale that explains why the rock is unmovable. As the story goes, one of their gods Lord Krishna would regularly steal a bit of butter from his mother’s jar. And the boulder was simply formed from all the butter he stole overtime.

One ruler Pallava king Narasimhavarman feared for his town’s safety below the rock and attempted to move it at some time between 630 to 668 AD. And another attempt was taken by the Governor of Madras in 1908, both times it failed to move one bit – and that was not due to lack of trying reports state they tried using over 10 elephants to move the rock!

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