The Legend Of Goose Greek Tower

Grace Higgins | November 21st, 2019

If you ever happen to be trekking around the dens Alaskan wilderness, just a little north of the region known as Willow, then you may see a tower breaking out of the tree line. Rightly so you may feel a little surprised to see a major tower built out in the middle of nowhere. Unbelievably, this little property was never really supposed to break the tree line – yet it is now looking to break the skies.

The property is owned by an attorney that is located in Anchorage by the name of Phillip Weidner, and it is a 185-foot tower that started life as just a very small 40 by 40 long cabin. It did have a basement unlike other wood cabins, and when the building was nearly complete, Weidner thought why not add another floor? He has an idea to use 12 by 12 uprights to support just one more floor on top of the original building structure.

And it was here that Weidner discovered a love for building up, he just didn’t stop with one extra floor and kept going, building and building. He constructed floor after floor, level after level and eventually after a few years of carefully planned construction he reached 185 feet high. And at this point, well he knew that he had to stop immediately. The problem being that federal airspace starts at 200 feet, which is a legal restriction that stops him from adding on any more floors.

Known as the Goose Greek Tower, Weidner started to build it 20 years ago, as he was nicknamed the frustrated architect. When he finally reached the limits of using 12 by 12 upright supports, he figured out that by adding a steel steeple on top he could add another floor. This Weidner achieved by using a crane to drop it on top of the building. This means his tower has an octagon viewing platform on the top offering a 360 view to the surrounding countryside, allowing you to see up to 300 miles around the Alaskan forest – a beautiful view.

When you see the tower, you may think it will fall easily, however, Weidner has assured the public that his tower will be standing 1000 years later. He calls his house the Poem to the Sky and plans to open up access to the public in the future. Currently, it is a private home that is enjoyed by his family and used primarily to see the northern lights.

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