The Japanese Island Inhabited By Thousands Of Bunnies

Grace Higgins | July 6th, 2019

In Japan, there is a famous island that is inhabited by thousands of fearless rabbits. These bunnies will run up on you and try to smother you completely if you have food. This island is now a haven for rabbits, and has become an important tourist attraction of the region: but it was not always that way. Okunoshima Island has a very dark past.

You see Okunoshima was originally used as a place to produce highly toxic and killer poison gas during the second world war. The situation in the East Sea in the Inland Sea of Japan, Rabbit Island or Usagi Jima as it is known, the island was primarily used by the Japanese army from 1929 to 1945. It was a secret testing grounds for biochemical warfare, notably poison gas. During this period they are thought to have created over 6,000 tons of poison gas on this island, chosen because it was a discreet location and far away from any civilian populations.

Unfortunately, the original use of the rabbits was to be test subjects for the deadly weapons they were making. The island was invaded by Allied forces during World War II, and the factories were dismantled and destroyed. It is thought that the rabbits there today are descendants from those test subjects. You see rabbits are able to breed very quickly and because of their genetics, there is not much risk of disease even if there were not many rabbits, to begin with. This is why the island today is home to thousands of them.

Now just a short ferry ride away from the mainland, rabbit island is a popular tourist attraction with a small golf course, camping grounds, and beautiful beaches. And of course, in Japan, the home of Kawaii (the appreciation of all things cute) would be the best place for an island of bunnies to exist.

The really cool thing about this place is because there are no predators on the island, the bunnies have absolutely no fear of humans and tend to just lounge around in the open. As soon as they hear food, then they will come running.

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