The Everlasting Storm In Venezuela

Grace Higgins | December 14th, 2018

In Venezuela, you can find a place which is the unofficial lightning capital of the world! Most people flee when the storms hit as they are extremely dangerous, but a couple of people have been known to stick around and take beautiful photos. This bizarre raging storm that never ends has stupefied scientists and weather experts for generations.

Continual lightening that bellows forth with thunder, an object of such intensity and electric thunder that you could think it was a living entity. Sometimes over 300 days a year lightning shoots across the sky and blows up the ground, a raging display of what the raw power of mother nature. But it is just reserved for one swampy zone in Venezuela, hidden in the jungle.

The mesmerizing phenomenon only happens in Relámpago del Catatumbo and only happens at the mouth of the Catatumbo river. From 200 to 300 days a year, the storm produces over 30 lightning strikes per minute and this can go on for around 10 hours at a time. In fact, the National Weather Service only calls 12 strikes per minute a little excessive, so its safe to say there is a lot of thunder. The lightning is so powerful and potent that it can be seen from 250 miles away! Nowhere else on Earth does lightning strike in such a way.

In fact, the storm is completely predictable, it starts at exactly the same time every day and goes on for the same amount of time every day. And it has been well known for centuries the natives would call it the river fire. In 1595 the lightning was first seen and reported by Englishmen Sir Francis Drake and he used it strategically to light up the Spanish forces. It has helped Venezuela defend itself quite a few times when fleets have tried to sneak up the river, only to be illuminated by the lightning.

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