The Day Fabio Killed A Goose With His Face

Grace Higgins | July 9th, 2019

It was a horrific scene that happened due to a terrible accident, everything changed in 1999 when male superstar model Fabio ended up killing a goose with his face. The margarine spokesman Fabio, a household name to so many families from the 1990s killed goose mid-air with nothing but his face.

Fabio Lanzoni was not at Busch Gardens Williamsburg in Virginia to kill a goose on that fateful day, no he was there to take a front-row seat ride of the Apollo’s Chariot roller coaster. It was a promotional event, the roller coaster was just opening and this was a push to bring in new clients from around America. Apollo Chariot was a towering roller coaster, that had never been seen before in Virginia. And the park promoters knew that if they really wanted to make an impact, then they needed a big model such as Fabio to lead the first ride.

He boarded the ride like everyone else playing the part perfectly for every photo opportunity, but it was the ride itself where everything went downhill. The thing you have to remember about hypercoasters is that they really do go up quite high in the air. Passengers on the Apollo Chariot would go up 200 feet or more above ground, but nobody thought that birds may get in the way.

Nobody could have imagined a 10-pound flying goose getting in the way of someone’s face during the ride’s big drop. But that is exactly what happened! At the point where the roller coaster was moving at over 73 miles per hour, a goose flew straight into Fabio’s face. And well it was not pretty at all, definitely not the photo moment the promoters were looking for.

Fabio’s face was covered in blood and he actually needed stitches. Suddenly the clips were being shown endlessly for days on local media or late-night shows. The goose died, but so did Fabio’s career. You see after this incident, no one could really take him seriously again. Sure he always had good humor about the event but it definitely put a major dent in his career.

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