Sucked Out Of An Airplane Into The Amazon Jungle

 | Grace Higgins

In 1971, Juliane Koepcke was sucked out of an airplane and fell strapped into her chair 2 miles to the ground into the Amazon jungle. Incredibly she survived the fall and trekked out of the jungle alone, against all odds at the young age of 17 to find safety.

It was Christmas eve and everyone was very eager to get home, in fact, people were starting to get angry as the plane was over seven hours late. Unfortunately, the flight took a sinister turn and flew into a storm, due to heavy turbulence and lighting strikes everything started to go wrong. Luggage was falling from lockers and items was flying all over the cabin.

Suddenly the worst happened, the lighting struck directly onto their engine, Juliane remembers her mother’s last words to her: “That is the end, it’s all over.” And that is when the plane went into a sharp nosedive, Juliane does not remember much just that there was a loud bang and she was in free fall.

Somehow she survived the fall with just a broken collarbone and some nasty scratches to her legs, nothing too severe: she could walk. But now she found herself in the middle of the Peruvian rainforest, how would she survive? Luckily, Juliane had spent years with her parents who were researching in the rainforest and knew that it was not a green hell hole that stories make it out to be. She walked slowly as she was incredibly short-sighted and had lost her glasses in the fall but was able to find a river.

From there on she kept on going and eventually after 10 days of trekking found some Amazonian loggers, who at first stood terrified in fear, thinking she was a water goddess. But after explaining her situation in Spanish, they tended to her wounds and brought her back to civilization.