Stranger Writes Sweetest Note To Dog

Grace Higgins | August 7th, 2019

Maria Luiza moved all by herself to Brazil and once she got settled in her new apartment, she decided she needed company. So, she adopted a dog named Chips and the two immediately bonded. But Chips was so bonded to Maria that it was difficult for him when she had to leave him alone by himself. Like so many other dogs out there Chips has separation anxiety and is known to bark and whine when he is left alone. Maria was worried that her dog’s cries and whines were reaching her neighbor’s apartments. But one day she got her answer where she came home and saw a mysterious letter and a package at her door.
She was worried initially because she wasn’t sure who left the box and had no really spoken to any of her neighbors in the building. But once she took a closer look she realized the note was addressed to Chips and it was from another dog named Corote. The package had some dog toys inside. The letter was written in Portuguese and here’s what it said:

Hi, my friend.
I’ve noticed that you’ve been crying a lot when you’re alone, and I’ve been through this phase.
I talked to my mom yesterday and together we decided to give you these toys, so you have a distraction when you feel alone.
I’m here to make you an invitation: I live alone with Mom and, because of that, I have a room of my own to horse around in as much as I want, so you can spend some time here with me! We can do a lot of partying together!!!
We hope you enjoy the things we gave you!
Many kisses from Corote and of my mother Nichole.

Maria and Chips went over to met Corote and Nichole and the two dogs hit it off immediately. The two love to play together and the toys and new friends have made Chips anxiety much better!

Maria Luiza Valcazara//Facebook
Maria Luiza Valcazara//Facebook
Maria Luiza Valcazara//Facebook
Maria Luiza Valcazara//Facebook
Maria Luiza Valcazara//Facebook
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