Store Helps Homeless Dog

Grace Higgins | September 3rd, 2019

In a recent heat wave in Mexico, it was dangerous to be outdoors. But a man named Adolfo Pazzi Ahumada ventured outside to purchase a few things. While he was out, he witnessed a true showing of love between human and dog. It all started when Adolfo realized he was out of milk at home. He decided to venture out and brave the 104 degrees Fahrenheit weather and head to the local market for a quick trip to pick up milk. When he arrived there was the sweetest scene unfolding outside the market. There was a stray dog hanging around outside the market and the clerk working there was giving the pup food and water. Then, they let the dog come inside for a break from the sweltering heat.

When Adolfo headed inside, he asked the store clerks about the dog. They told him the dog had been hanging around the store for the past few days and they believed he was dumped by his owner. He came to the store asking for help and they did just that. They gave him food and water and toys from the store they purchased with their own money. Then they let him inside because the heat was so terrible and they felt badly for the sweet dog. They said he looks so much happier inside where he can get a break from the sun and the sweltering heat. The dog had found people to love and care for him.

The clerks at the store cannot adopt him themselves, but they hope a customer will adopt the sweet dog into their home. Adolfo couldn’t adopt the dog, but after buying his milk he also bought a treat for the dog to enjoy after his nap in one of the aisles. It is sad that the dog has been through such a terrible ordeal, but it is comforting to know he has people to care for and love him now.

Adolfo Pazzi Ahumada //Facebook
Adolfo Pazzi Ahumada //Facebook
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