Store Has Cutest Sign

Grace Higgins | September 23rd, 2019

A woman named Bunni Watts was running errands and picking up pizza for her daughter’s birthday. She was in a hurry, but as she headed to the pizza shop she noticed a sign on the door of a nearby store. The handwritten sign made her stop dead in her tracks. It was hand written and taped to the front door of a frame shop. The sign said:
“Big Puppy ‘Leo’ Love to Great All”
And on the other side of that door was an adorable dog named Leo who was patiently waiting for people to greet. While Bunni was not in need of a frame, she did need to meet this “Big Puppy” on the sign. She didn’t have time that day to go inside, but she couldn’t stop thinking about the sign and about Leo. So, the next day she headed back to the store. She and her husband run a wellness clinic across the street so she told her husband she had to run to the store—but she was actually going to the frame shop to see Leo.

She walked into the shop and Leo came running to her like they were old friends. Leo sat patiently for a photo, then went back to his perch on a nearby ottoman so he could be showered with attention and love. Leo’s dad and the owner of the shop, Michael, was not surprised to see Leo had lured another dog lover into his frame shop. He said there is a restaurant next door and diners love to stop by after their meal to say hello to Leo—and he loves it, too. Michael is a former Navy SEAL and suffers from PTSD, so Leo helps him every day. He loves to greet people and make them feel better, just like he does for his dad every day.

Bunni Watts//Facebook
Bunni Watts//Facebook
Bunni Watts//Facebook
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