Sophie Turner’s Wedding Dress Delights The Public After Weekend Ceremony

Valeria Servigna | July 5th, 2019

Although Joe Jonas and Sophie Turner tied the knot this past May, they held a second wedding ceremony last weekend on June 28th in the South of France. The Game of Throne actress wore a stunning Louis Vuitton gown, which automatically charmed the public and got everyone talking.

The dress featured long sleeves and a white leather satin belt with embroidered tulle using floral patterned thread. Turner also wore a lace-trimmed veil dotted with delicate white fabric details to complete her angelic bridal look. The groom, on the other hand, wore an impeccable black suit, shirt, and shoes. The wedding pictures were first published by the happy couple on Instagram on Thursday, July 4th. Consequently, Nicolas Ghesquiere, Louis Vuitton’s creative director, also posted a behind-the-scenes picture of Turner in her beautifully delicate wedding gown. In the picture, you can see Sophie looking at herself in the mirror while turning her back to the camera.

The black and white picture posted by Turner and Jonas is captioned “Mr. and Mrs. Jonas”, and it shows the happy couple walking down the aisle as they exit the ceremony. Sources report that Turner later changed her gown for a more casual outfit for the reception. This latter outfit is still to be revealed, but fashionistas are currently praising Turner for not only this gown but for the Bezva wedding jumpsuit she wore to her Las Vegas’ wedding.

Unexpectedly, the Las Vegas’ ceremony had a more informal nature. There was the classic Elvis impersonator as the officiant, and the bride and groom exchanged Ring Pops instead of wedding bands. Nonetheless, Turner remained stylish on her one-piece jumpsuit and a sheer veil. The couple went to Sin City after attending the Billboard Music Awards in Nevada earlier that evening. Lastly, after publishing the picture on their respective Instagram accounts, the couple was showered with congratulatory comments and wishes for happiness by family members, friends and fans alike.

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