Sara Gilbert Announces She Is Leaving The Show She Created

 | Grace Higgins

Actress and talk show host, Sara Gilbert announced during Tuesday’s broadcast of ‘The Talk’ on CBS that she is leaving the show. The mother of three tearfully said, ‘it’s been a very hard decision, because I really love it here, I love the cast, and the crew and everyone.’ Gilbert said she will be staying on as one of the co-host, but would leave when the current season is over. Gilbert has been on the show since it premiered on CBS in 2010. She created the show and is one of the executive producers along with John Redmann.

Gilbert who also produces and stars in ‘The Conners’ on ABC, said she knew it was time to move on. The actress indicated that she has three young children, the youngest being 4, says she barely has enough time for herself, let alone her children. The actress said she has other opportunities, including acting and producing projects. Her co-hosts were in tears as Gilbert announced her plans. She said, “This is something that I have been struggling with for a while. Going back and forth, but I’ve decided that it’s time for me to leave the show at the end of the season.”

The audience reacted with sounds of shock and disappointment, and gave the actress a standing ovation with chants of ‘Sara, Sara.’ Her co-host Sharon Osbourne was on the show since season 1, said. “I’ve never kept a job this long, and I’m really going to miss you.’ The show has had some turmoil in the last year as former moderator, Julie Chen resigned last September, after sexual assault allegations caused her husband Les Moonvas to be ousted as CEO of CBS. Singer Eve thanked Gilbert for allowing her the opportunity to be a host of the show, and showing her sensitive side. Carie Ann Inaba the newest host jokingly said, “ I hope you’re not leaving because of me.”