‘Real Housewvies Of New Jersey’ Star Joe Giudice’s Deportation Appeal Denied

 | Grace Higgins

Bad news in New Jersey today, Joe Giudice has been in an ICE detention center since March. He filed an appeal so that he wouldn’t be deported to Italy. No dice says the court, his appeal was denied, and his future remains in limbo. His wife Teresa Giudice said that she plans to file divorce papers as soon as it’s official that Joe will be deported.’ The mother of four recently said on a ‘Housewives’ reunion, that she can not stay married to Joe if he’s deported. Teresa said that ‘long distance relationships don’t work, and I can’t up root the girls now. Gia,18, will be starting college in the fall.


The others the reality star said, ‘are in school, and have their life and their activities, and it’s unfair to ask them to drop everything.’ After the appeal was denied, his legal team filed another appeal with a federal court. An immigration attorney that specializes in these types of cases said on NBC ‘these cases are never overturned on appeal. He is a convicted felon, and he’s in the system now, he will be deported, it’s just a matter of when.’

Now Joe awaits his fate in a federal ICE detention facility in Pennsylvania. Teresa very rarely communicates with her husband now. A source close to her says, “she’s checked out emotionally, as soon as it was announced that he would be deported back to Italy, she emotionally was gone.” Teresa has been seen holding hands with a 26 year old in Miami and in New Jersey. The boyfriend Blake Schreck is a New Jersey Realtor. Joe’s brother Peter Giudice said he ‘wonders how long the affair has been going on.’ Teresa’s friends claim she doesn’t really care who knows, she has to live her life.’ Joe served a 41 month prison sentence before being transferred to the ICE faculty.