Photo Has Fun Doggy Surprise

Grace Higgins | September 20th, 2019

A man named Kevin Hollingsworth lives in Los Angeles, California which means he often finds himself stuck in traffic on the way to work or on his way home. He was in that situation recently, in bumper to bumper traffic when something wonderful happened to him. He spotted a big beautiful husky sticking his head out of the window of his owner’s car. Everyone might have felt frustrated by the traffic, but the husky was living his best life. He was enamored by the dog but the traffic was moving so he couldn’t get a great photo of the pup. Kevin was disappointed he missed his chance for a photo, but then he realized all was not lost.

The car with the husky was stopped at a red light and he could still see the dog hanging his head out of the car window. He grabbed his phone to capture a photo, but before he could do that the dog put his head back inside the car. It seems Kevin again missed his chance, but once he looked at the photo, he realized all was not lost. You could still see the husky dog. It was a sneaky photo that made him laugh, so he decided to post it to his Facebook account. He captioned the photo “Where’s Doggo?” as an homage to the book “Where’s Waldo?” As soon as it was posted his friend began searching the photo to find the dog and found themselves delighted when they finally spotted him. He had been perfectly captured in the side mirror of his owner’s car.

Kevin was thrilled he still got a photo of his furry friend, but he wishes he had a better shot. However, Kevin finds himself stuck in traffic quite a bit and he always finds the time to grab pictures of his four legged friends.

Kevin Hollingsworth//Facebook
Kevin Hollingsworth//Facebook
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