Pete Davidson Making The Rounds With Much Older Kate Beckinsale

Grace Higgins | February 3rd, 2019

Pete Davidson, 25, was holding hands with rumored new girlfriend actress Kate Beckinsale. Davidson took Beckinsale, 45, as his guest over the weekend. The actress was front and center as he did a stand up act at the ‘Largo at the Coronet’ in West Hollywood, Ca. Davidson and his ex Ariana Grande have been exchanging jabs back and forth. The ‘Saturday Night Live’ star didn’t disappoint as he made several jabs at Grande during his routine. The left the venue in a limo, and arrived at Davidson’s Santa Monica hotel a short time later.

An employee at the hotel said, ‘they stayed in his room all night and ordered room service.” The rumored couple were first spotted together in January at the an after party at Netflix for the ‘Golden Globe’ awards. They seemed to be having a great time, an onlooker remarked. Rapper and close friend of Davidson’s Machine Gun Kelly was also at the party. But the two rarely kept their ‘eyes off of each other.’ Beckinsale has been catching some heat for spending time with the comic. She shot right back at her detractors. The negativiety started after the British actress posted a picture of her mother actress Judy Loe.

One of Beckinsale’s followers said, “Dear heavens Kate. Not Pete.” The actress said “No that’s my mother easy mistake.” Davidson split from Grande in October, and has admitted publicly that he has been struggling with several ‘mental health issues.’ However a friend of his revealed that ‘he is enjoying be a bachelor and focusing on himself.’ Beckinsale has a daughter Lily Sheen, who at 20 is five years younger than Davidson. The daughter is from her long term relationship with actor Michael Sheen. She was also married to director Len Wiseman from 2004 to 2016. In January Beckinsale had a health scare, she was hospitalized for having an ovarian cyst that burst.

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