Nuclear Pasta The Strongest Material In The Universe

 | Grace Higgins

If you happen to be in the industry of creating the strongest materials in the universe, then you are in luck. We have the recipe and it only takes three easy steps:

  1. Find yourself one dying star and put into your favorite boiling pot, boil it until it goes supernova and explodes. Beware this could take a couple of billion years, so you need to be patient.
  2. If there happen to be any leftover protons or electrons, make sure you stir them up quickly with the stars shriveled core until it becomes a soup. This soup is known as ultradense neurons.
  3. Squeeze the soup all together into a baking tray around the size of Toronto, be sure to heat it up to approximately 1.08 million degrees Fahrenheit (600,000 degrees Celsius).

And you are done! There you have created nuclear pasta, the strongest material in the whole universe.

Jokes aside, scholars and researchers have toyed with the idea for years that exploding stars were leaving around leftovers. Because when a star explodes its gravity causes it to collapse on itself, creating an extremely dense core. So those nuclear leftovers are the only thing that can survive the extreme blast of a dying star, meaning that material must be the strongest in the universe.

The strength, of course, comes from the material being so dense. In a study published by the journal Physical Review Letters, a group of researchers ran computer simulations on the capacity of nuclear pasta’s strength. And the results were overwhelming, the team discovered that if one were to destroy nuclear pasta it would take 10 billion times the force needed to shatter steel.

If you need to try and visualize how dense this material actually is, imagine trying to cram 2 million Earths into the size of one urban city. Quite an amazing discovery, let’s hope that it helps ignite an enthusiasm for a scientist to discover new materials in space!