NFL Week 13 Sunday Recap

Grace Higgins | December 2nd, 2019

Titans 31, Colts 17

• Derrick Henry rushed for 149 yards and one touchdown to put the Titans in competition with the Texans for the AFC South title. After an impressive start, the Colts have come back to Earth behind Brissett’s two interceptions on Sunday.

49ers 17, Ravens 20

• Lamar Jackson led the Ravens to their 10th win of the season behind his 101 rushing yards and two total touchdowns. The matchup on Sunday lived up to the hype and was a potential preview of a future Super Bowl matchup this February.

Jets 6, Bengals 22

• Behind an efficient 243 yards and one touchdown from Andy Dalton, the Bengals picked up their first win of the season against the underperforming Jets. The Jets are now 4-8 and look to miss the postseason during a season that started with promise.

Browns 13, Steelers 20

• For all the hype about the Browns before the season, they lost to a third string quarterback. James Washington led the way for the Steelers, catching four passes for 111 yards and one touchdown to keep the Steelers in the AFC playoff picture.

Eagles 31, Dolphins 37

• The Eagles were in a position to take command of the NFC East and blew it. DeVante Parker shredded the Eagles defense for 159 receiving yards and two touchdowns to give the Dolphins their third win of the season.

Redskins 29, Panthers 21

• Derrius Guice rushed for 129 yards and two touchdowns, while Adrian Peterson rushed for 99 yards and a touchdown to give the Redskins their third win of the season and push the Panthers closer out of the playoff picture.

Packers 31, Giants 13

• In the snow, Rodgers threw for four touchdowns, two of which went to Davante Adams. The Giants were unable to combat the Packers offense, with Danny Dimes throwing three interceptions.

Buccaneers 28, Jaguars 11

• The Bucs jumped out to a quick lead, blowing the game open in the first quarter. Jameis Winston passed for 268 yards with no interceptions. Surprising. Both teams are all but technically eliminated from the playoffs.

Rams 34, Cardinals 7

• The Rams have been so bipolar with year on offense. Goff passed for 424 yards and two touchdowns, while Gurley rushed for 95 yards and one touchdown. Both Woods and Higbee surpassed 100 yards receiving on the day.

Raiders 9, Chiefs 40

• The Chiefs defense set the offense up with great field position all game. Mahomes only passed for 175 yards and one touchdown, while the offense relied more on the running attack. The Chiefs are in position to win the AFC West title.

Broncos 23, Chargers 20

• In Drew Lock’s first start, he passed for 134 yards and two touchdowns, with both touchdowns going to Courtland Sutton. The Chargers continue to lose games during an embarrassing season, given their talented roster.

Patriots 22, Texans 28

• This is what’s scary about the Patriots: when their defense isn’t holding opponents in check, can the offense score enough to win? Brady passed for an inefficient 326 yards and three touchdowns, while Watson managed the game and passed for 234 yards and three touchdowns.

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