NFL Week 12 Sunday Recap

Grace Higgins | November 25th, 2019

Dolphins 24, Browns 41

• The Browns offense finally got rolling. Mayfield passed for 327 yards and three touchdowns, while Chubb added 106 rushing yards and a touchdown. Landry was seeking revenge, with 148 receiving yards and two touchdowns. The Brown schedule is favorable moving forward. This team could sneak into the playoffs.

Redskins 19, Lions 16

• This was one of the uglier games of the year, with both offenses turning the ball over multiple times. Driskel threw three interceptions for the Lions, while the Redskins took advantage of the short field position.

Raiders 3, Jets 34

• The Jets offense was eating all day. Darnold threw for 315 yards and two touchdowns; 86 yards and a touchdown going to Robby Anderson. Luckily for the Jets, the AFC playoff picture is weak. Not so lucky for the Jets, they aren’t good.

Giants 14, Bears 19

• It wouldn’t be an NFL Sunday without the Bears struggling to make a field goal. The offense stuttered in the first half but found their footing in the second half. Allen Robinson caught six passes for 131 receiving yards and one touchdown.

Panthers 31, Saints 34

• NFL kickers are so frustrating to watch. Slye missed an extra point early in the game, and then missed a chip-shot field goal late in the game to give the Panthers the go-ahead score. Instead, Brees, who passed for 311 yards and three touchdowns, led the game-winning drive that ended with a successful field goal.

Seahawks 17, Eagles 9

• Russell Wilson is a marvel to watch. The MVP candidate didn’t post impressive numbers but controlled the tempo of the game and set the Seahawks up throughout the game. Penny rushed for 129 yards and a touchdown.

Buccaneers 35, Falcons 22

• Winston threw two interceptions, a normal sighting. He also passed for 313 yards and three touchdowns, one of which was to a defensive lineman. Godwin gave Winston help, posting 184 receiving yards and two touchdowns.

Broncos 3, Bills 20

• This was a duel of two Allen’s. The Bills Mafia showed out, giving the NFL world a glimpse of what postseason tailgating will look like. Rookie Devin Singletary rushed for 106 yards and Josh Allen passed for 185 yards and two touchdowns. The Bills defense continues to keep their average offense in games.

Steelers 16, Bengals 10

• James Washington saved the Steelers with his 98 receiving yards and long touchdown. At one point in the game, the Bengals had all the momentum, as Tomlin benched quarterback Rudolph. The Bengals remain as the only winless team in the league.

Jaguars 20, Titans 42

• Derrick Henry rushed for 159 yards and two touchdowns, while Tannehill rushed for two touchdowns as well. The Jaguars offense couldn’t compete with how hot the Titans were today.

Cowboys 9, Patriots 13

• The Cowboys, who were the number one offense in the league, ran into the Patriots number one ranked defense and were held to only field goals. Brady was inaccurate all game, only passing for 190 yards. Even though the defense is historically great, this offense is lackluster for the playoffs.

Packers 8, 49ers 37

• The 49ers are that good. Even with a bone fracture in his ankle, Kittle caught six passes for 129 receiving yards and one touchdown. Rodgers was held in check by the 49ers defense, as he passed for only 104 yards and one touchdown.

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