New Biotechnology Could Make Prisoners Believe They Serve 1000 Year Sentences In A Matter Of Hours

Grace Higgins | December 20th, 2018

A group of scientist working on the future of biotechnology have made the claim that they could trick a prisoners mind into thinking he served a 1000 year sentence in just a couple of hours. In fact, in eight whole hours, the prisoner could think he had spent centuries in prison.

Philosopher Rebecca Roache is the head scientist of a group of scholars looking into how they could shape the future of punishment scientist by developing groundbreaking biotechnologies. Of course, we are talking about drugs that alter and distort the way our mind tracks times. In fact, she even made the bold claim that serious criminals could be further punished by actually extending their lives.

The way the drugs would work is that the user would believe time was moving slower, psychoactive drugs that work on deteriorating the prisoner’s ability to keep track of time. Essentially they would receive a pill or liquid, that would make them believe they were actually on a prison sentence spanning thousands of years when actually it had just been a few hours.

For example, if the speed of thinking was multiplied by a million, this means that a prisoner could think for a whole century in a matter of 8 and a half hours. This would, of course, be much cheaper to taxpayers also, given that in most countries prison systems are overrun. Definitely an interesting technology, but questions remain over if it is actually humane or not?

It sets up bigger questions around prison sentences and punishment in general, is it really humane to lock someone up for the better years of their life? Or should a scientist be allowed to tinker with their brains, alter their perception time and let their prison sentence in a couple of hours.

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