Most Of Your Mobile Phone Batteries Are Simply Resold

Grace Higgins | February 12th, 2019

Less and less cell phone batteries fail during the warranty period now than ever before and this is due to the move to lithium-ion batteries. Lithium-ion is less temperamental than the nickel-based predecessors and also needs very little preparation to put into phones. However, that being said the return volume for batteries keeps on going up.

Most cellular providers in the North American region are seeing over 70,000 warranty returns on smartphones per month. And out of this returned 50 % are due to mechanical fails but only 15% are due to the battery or charger related problems. There are a couple of reasons for battery failure, but it noticeably comes down to not being charged before actually being used.

Do you know that little message that states to charge your phone 24 hours before its first use? Well, that actually is true and needs to be done. And of course, not dropping your phone in your coffee helps also. Alternatively, you may end up with a problem on your hand! Sometimes it just comes down to the lack of battery knowledge and understanding in today’s modern world. We don’t really want to know how it works and just assumes it should always work perfectly.

Most stores will provide a battery replacement without really asking too many questions, competition from other companies make it hard to do otherwise. But the real shocker is that over 80% of returned batteries really have no fault at all. They can be restored quickly to full use with a quick refurbishing process. And then they end up in another service or simply in a warehouse for later use.

Refurbishing batteries claims over 90% of the returned batteries, so that means that cellular companies normally just resell your returned battery. In fact, you may one in your phone already! Repairing packs normally restore them to full service so you would never notice it was a returned battery pack. Due to this most battery refurbishing centers are able to turn a tidy profit.

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