More Details Revealed On Cameron Boyce’s Shocking Passing

Valeria Servigna | July 10th, 2019

Additional information comes to light as celebrities continue to pay tribute to Disney Channel star, Cameron Boyce. Yesterday, it was reported that an autopsy was in the works, but “Further Investigation” was still needed. Recently, It has been revealed that he suffered from epilepsy. The message was delivered by the family’s spokesperson, who also asked for privacy during this difficult time. The spokesperson stated, “We are still trying to navigate our way through this extremely heart-wrenching time, and continue to ask for privacy so that the family and all who knew and loved him can grieve his loss and make arrangements for his funeral—which in and of itself, is agonizing.”Authorities were called to Boyce’s home in Hollywood, California on July 6th. He was pronounced dead on the scene, and it was stated that he passed away in his sleep.

Celebrities and coworkers have continued to pay tribute. The latest one was Boyce’s costar in The Descendants, Dove Cameron. The actress took over Instagram to share her feelings as she mourns Boyce’s death. On the video, she cried repeatedly as she tried to speak. Cameron stated, “The last 72 hours have felt like two weeks and I’ve spent them trying to make my thoughts and feelings into words that might communicate anything about what I’m feeling. I’ve been unsuccessful. My system is still in shock and my brain is still foggy and full of holes.” The emotional black and white video was filmed in a bedroom, and it is currently posted on her personal Instagram account. In addition, Cameron’s boyfriend and co-star in The Descendants, Thomas Doherty, also posted on Instagram. He shared two pictures with Boyce and captioned the post, “A truly beautiful soul ❤”.

Many cast members of The Descendants have also shared on social media their memories and feelings on Boyce’s passing. China McClain, who plays Uma, the daughter of Ursula in the films, has shared emotional videos on Instagram as well. The actress addressed Boyce’s family in her post by saying, “To Mr. Vic, Mrs. Libby, and Maya … I’m so sorry. You guys lost something that the rest of us didn’t lose. You guys lost a son, a brother, and I lost, my best friend…my closest friend, my longest friend. I will never again have a friend like Cameron.”

Boyce’s passing has sparked great pain across the Descendants cast especially. Thus, we wish them strength as arrangements for his funeral come together.

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