More Davis Trade News as Kyrie Is Serenaded, Nuggets Don’t Stop Harden But Still Win

 | Grace Higgins

The news surrounding Anthony Davis right now is just a massive talking point in the NBA, so much so that it has taken over a lot of the Super Bowl’s attention… at least for now. A lot of the news, however, also has a ton to do with Kyrie Irving. The Boston Celtics point guard took his own personal show to Madison Square Garden last night, helping his team to a 113-99 win over the beleaguered Knicks. He scored 23 points and had ten rebounds to go with six assists as the New York faithful started to sway and swoon him to join them. Irving is a free agent as of July 1st, and he made it very clear that he will discuss his future then and only then. Irving and Davis, of course, have their futures intertwined. The two can’t play together until the summer, meaning that Boston, one of the few teams seen as a likely destination for Davis, cannot make the trade right now. It must come in the summer.

Another destination for Davis could be Los Angeles, though, and sources are indicating that the Lakers are willing to trade Lonzo Ball and Kyle Kuzma, their most dynamic and consistent scorer, away to the New Orleans Pelicans for the big man. But that’s not all. They also want to send Michael Beasley and Rajon Rondo that way, all in an attempt to bring the game changing center to town. With five days left to go, it’s hard to see how they will get the deal across the line here before the trade deadline hits. The move to New York is starting to look more and more tantalizing every day… if Kyrie goes there, could Davis make his way to the Garden? A new super team wouldn’t be that big of a shock, and after the Knicks’ move the other day, they will have plenty of cash to do it with.

It looks like you can add James Harden scoring 30 or more points in a game to the list of death and taxes. The Beard once again got his on Friday night as the Houston Rockets lost on the round to the Denver Nuggets 136-122. He only got his 30th point of the game, however, with just over a minute left and he was not the highest scorer in a game for the first time in well over a month. Instead, it was the Nuggets’ Malik Beasley that stole the show with 35 points. Meanwhile, newly minted All-Star Nikola Jokic scored 31 as the Nuggets continue to assert that they are not to be taken lightly in the NBA’s Western Conference.