MLB Deal Reached

 | Grace Higgins

It looks like the MLB will be rolling out some changes over the next couple of seasons in an attempt to improve the pace of the game and to also spice up the attractiveness of it. One of the rules that will be added in 2019 will be a $1 million prize to the winner of the Home Run Derby, with the hopes of getting the biggest and brightest stars to do it this coming summer in order to make the All-Star Game super special. Another idea that will take place are a single trade deadline (as opposed to years’ past with so many confusing dates). This will put more of an onus on teams to act in the offseason on signing players. In 2020, the ramifications will be greater. On the field, changes will be made in the form of a three-batter minimum for each pitcher, expanding the roster from 25 to 26, and there is also supposed to be a maximum pitcher total imposed on each team.

The Japan Times