Military Trained Dolphins Are Defending The World’s Largest Stockpile Of Nukes

 | Grace Higgins

20 miles from Seattle you will find the naval base Kitsap, home to the world’s largest ever stockpile of nuclear weapons. And if that was not scary enough, it is defended by dolphins that have been trained by the US Navy.

In total America is thought to have over 9,000 nuclear weapons, and a quarter of those warheads are located in the Bangor submarine base which is found on the Hood Canal, which is just 20 miles from downtown Seattle. And in 2003 this submarine base merged with Kitsap, which means that they have now created what is potentially the largest nuclear depot in the whole world.

Thankfully the stockpile of nuclear weapons has been decreasing thanks to disarmament agreements and negotiations with Russia, but really it is hard to know how many nuclear warheads are deployed as they are not always public knowledge. Most of the details of nuclear weapons that are released are always about being equipped in submarines.

One thing we do know though is that the US Navy also has around 85 dolphins and 50 sea lions trained for service, they form part of the Navy Marine Mammal Program. And it has been confirmed by a Navy spokesman that dolphins and sea lions were being used to protect the naval base Kitsap.

The animals are experts at detecting unwanted swimmers around the base. A military trained dolphin is able to locate a swimmer, swim back to their trainer to notify them & then drop a transponder close to the swimmer’s location. It has also been confirmed that in 2003, there was a Navy program that was training dolphins to be equipped with a bite plate that held a shackle. This allowed the dolphin to disable an intruder by attaching the shackle onto their leg, which then sends a float up.

All this means that this nuclear naval base is protected from intruders at every possible level, pretty incredible.