Mexico’s Zone Of Silence

 | Grace Higgins

When you come across conspiracy theories, always watch out for the difference between some harmless urban legends and potentially life-threatening beliefs. And when it comes to the Zone of Silence or La Zona del Silencio as it is called in Mexico, nobody really knows what to believe: only that it holds mystical powers.

A spot in the Mapimi Biosphere Reserve in Durango, Mexico where radio and television signals just scramble up, ceasing to work at all. Compasses refuse to function correctly and no longer point north, and that is before we get to the eyewitness accounts of large people disappearing into thin air. Or how about the missile that was launched from the U.S. and mysteriously ended up landing right in the middle of the Zone of Silence which happened to be 400 miles south of its intended target.

After the missile was retrieved by the Americans, locals decided to drum up some tourism money and market the area as a place for of unusual happenings and strange sightings. Tales of unusual animals appeared, plants that are not found anywhere else and of course, communications from Aliens.

So what is the problem? It may just sound like a bit of fun, but not for the local ranchers who have livestock to raise: tourist trampling across their land tend to ruin the farm. There is even a research station in the area which studies ecology, but they are blocked by the thousands of crazy tourists looking for aliens who drop trash around the whole reserve. And apparently the researchers in the area have not actually had any problems using their radios or compasses, so is it all made up?

Most likely, a make belief mystical place in the Chihuahuan Desert. A place for the extraterrestrial and other world believers to migrate to and chase their dreams, but we have to remember to always respect the local environment.